Consultation 019

Physicians are incredibly privileged to have the trust of the public to self-regulate the profession. This trust is based on our continued efforts to fulfill our mandate to protect the public by regulating the profession, as granted under the Health Professions Act.

When it comes to self-regulating the profession, it is not just CPSA, nor CPSA Council, who has a responsibility to Albertans—each of the 10,500 physicians registered in Alberta plays important role in self-regulation and maintaining/protecting the safety and trust of Albertans.

That means every physician is responsible and accountable for appropriate professional behaviour and striving to provide excellent care and support to Albertans. It also means we are all responsible for supporting and encouraging our colleagues to do the same thing.

In June, CPSA received a letter from the Minister of Health outlining concerns that our Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice and Job Action standards fall short in protecting patients, particularly those in small or rural communities, from facing a shortage of medical care due to groups of physicians withdrawing services. The letter suggested solutions could be imposed in order to safeguard continuity of care for Albertans.

CPSA Council held a meeting in July to determine a path forward. Knowing CPSA is best equipped to regulate the medical profession, Council asked for an opportunity to address these concerns by facilitating a proper consultation and suggesting changes to these standards. CPSA receives the best insight by consulting physicians, our partners, and Albertans, to help us determine what is reasonable, define terms used in the standards and identify possible challenges in implementation. We value your input and want to hear from you.

We recognize physicians only want to do right by their patients and understand that the proposed changes may create additional considerations for physicians contemplating closing or leaving their practices or withdrawing services. We believe Albertans understand and support physicians who are facing these difficult decisions when best efforts have been made to ensure continuity of care.

We invite you to share your thoughts on the proposed changes to the Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice and Job Action (proposed new title: Withdrawal of Services) standards of practice. To ensure alignment, we are also consulting on draft updates to the Relocating a Medical Practice standard.

Consultation 019 will run from Sept. 15–Oct. 15, 2020. Council will review non-nominal feedback when considering the draft standards for approval for implementation at its December 2020 meeting.

Review the draft revisions & share feedback by visiting each link below

Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice

Job Action

Relocating a Medical Practice

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Chantelle Dick.

We thank you in advance for your input, as it helps us in striking a balance between protecting the public and providing appropriate guidance to the profession.