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Our competence and general assessment tools and teams are ready to help you provide excellent patient care every time. With an emphasis on education and continuous quality improvement, our trained physician assessors can can help you identify opportunities and match you with the right resources to enhance your practice.

Member participation in Continuing Competence programs is confidential.

A highly performing physician should result in
good patient outcomes. Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar

Meet the Continuing Competence Team

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Competence Committee

The Competence Committee is responsible for general and competence assessments, and continuing professional development of regulated members as outlined in the Health Profession Act.

The Competence Committee, under HPA authority, can delegate responsibilities directly to staff who operate the Continuing Competence programs. Members engaged in Continuing Competence Department programming — except those confidentially engaged with our Physician Health Monitoring representative* — will work with one or more trained CPSA staff.

  • Dr. Ann Crabtree (Chair)
  • Dr. Steve Chambers
  • Dr. Jill Konkin
  • Dr. Richard Martin
  • Ms. Margaret Munsch
  • Dr. Maeve O’Beirne
  • Dr. Jim Stone
  • Dr. Sid Viner
  • Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar
  • Ms. Erin Anderson, Director, Physician Practice
  • Mr. Ed Jess, Director, Prescribing &
  • Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar
  • Dr. Nigel Flook, Senior Medical Advisor
  • Dr. Monica Wickland-Weller, Senior Medical Advisor
  • Dr. Mark Godel, Senior Medical Advisor
  • Mr. Benjamin Kung, Program Manager, Infection Prevention and Control Program
  • Members who work with Physician Health Monitoring, will work one-to-one with Dr. Susan Ulan, Assistant Registrar.


Contact Sharon Ladan or Leanne McKenzie, Physician Practice Program Managers, Continuing Competence
Phone: 780-969-4903 (Sharon) or 780-969-4932 (Leanne) or