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Multi-source Feedback+ for Individuals (MSF+)

Building on what we heard from over 2000 Alberta physicians in focus groups, surveys and face-to-face conversations, we’re designing a new competence model that includes multi-source feedback (MSF) as well as other tools and resources to help you improve your practice.

In addition to MSF, physicians selected for assessment will receive other information (e.g. prescribing data) to provide a more complete picture of the quality of their practice. Trained facilitators – themselves physicians – will provide feedback to help participants interpret their results and identify how they might improve.

Member participation in Continuing Competence programs is confidential under sections 52 and 53 of Alberta’s Health Professions Act.

Physicians told us feedback from their co-workers, colleagues and patients was important in measuring their competence. Phong Van, Director, Physician Practice
Questions regarding MCC360? Contact the Medical Council of Canada at 1-833-521-6024 or email

The MSF+ Review

The Medical Council of Canada offers a national multi-source feedback program to physicians practising in Canada. The MCC 360 give physicians the opportunity to self-reflect on their role as Communicator, Collaborator and Professional based on feedback collected from their physician colleagues, non-physician co-workers and patients.

The MCC 360 process is similar to that of the CPSA’s Physician Achievement Review (PAR) program but the questions have changed, and the results are not presented using normative data. The MCC 360 encourages physicians to self-reflect based on their own performance rather than in comparison to the performance of their peers, and concentrates  only on three CanMEDS roles; Communicator, Collaborator and Professional. In addition to quantitative feedback, the MCC 360 also provides physicians with qualitative feedback from colleagues, co-workers and patients.

To help physicians develop and implement meaningful practice improvement changes, the MSF+ report will include the following:

  • MCC 360 results, and
  • individual physician data such as prescribing performance and College registration data.

Every physician who completes MSF+ will be given the opportunity to explore the data and discuss practice improvement initiatives with a trained MSF+ Physician Facilitator. MSF+ Facilitators are trained using the R2C2 facilitation model. 

Physicians who complete MSF+ will be eligible for CPD credits.

Participant Selection

  • In both 2017 & 2018, 500 Family/General Practitioners have been randomly selected to participate in MSF+.
  • The data and feedback gathered will be used to further refine MSF+ processes, tools and resources.
  • In the future, participants may be selected through the Practice Checkup process, or referred from other CPSA programs.

You have been selected for MSF+

What to expect

  • Notification from the CPSA via email

  • Package Notification from the Medical Council of Canada re: MCC 360

  • Complete Online Self-Assessment & List Reviewers

    Medical Council of Canada – How to complete your MCC 360 requirements
    Medical Council of Canada – Log Into Your Profile

  • Collect Patient Questionnaires

  • MSF+ Report

    After a physician has completed the MSF+ requirements, he/she will receive a MCC 360 feedback report. This report includes a breakdown of ratings from each respondent group along with CPSA data from the physician’s Renewal Information Form (RIF).

  • Facilitation Schedule

    Each physician participating in MSF+ will receive a phone call from a CPSA facilitator to discuss the MSF+ report.

  • Action Plans

    Develop plans for practice improvements. Use this template

  • 6-month follow-up

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits

Physicians who successfully participate in MSF+ will receive 13.5 MAINPRO+ credits.


PAR was discontinued in 2016 and is no longer a requirement for Alberta physicians.

The College’s new MSF+ process is one of the competency assessment options available for physicians referred or selected for Individual Practice Review (IPR).

One component of MSF+ is MCC360, developed by the Medical Council of Canada. The MCC360 requirements and process are similar to the PAR process, but include updated feedback surveys with new questions and new criteria. As part of MSF+, MCC360 gives physicians the opportunity to engage in a self-assessment process that reflects on their roles as collaborator, communicator and professional. Results are not compared to peer groups, but rather physicians are encouraged to self-reflect within their own practice. The MCC360 also provides physicians with qualitative feedback from colleagues and co-workers.

Every Alberta physician who completes MSF+ will receive R2C2 facilitation from a peer to explore practice improvement strategies based on feedback data.

Member participation in Continuing Competence programs is confidential under sections 52 and 53 of Alberta’s Health Professions Act.


MSF+ for Individuals

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