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Our competence and general assessment tools and teams are designed to support physicians in providing high quality patient care throughout their careers.

We provide every Albertan physician with practice-specific data to enhance self-assessment and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and also offer targeted, flexible support for both individual physicians and group practices.

Our approach to practice quality improvement is educational and collaborative, to benefit both patients and physicians.

Confidentiality: Member participation in Continuing Competence programs is confidential under sections 52 and 53 of the Health Professions Act.

Rules for Member Participation

“It’s not about trying to find problems …. it’s about supporting people in maintaining their competence…”Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar
A focus on education and continuous quality improvement

Continuing Competence Programs

Practice Checkup: All physicians are included in an analytics-based general assessment process and receive reports to help them self-assess various aspects of their practice and identify opportunities for quality improvement and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). These include an annual Practice Checkup report based on information from the Renewal Information Form (RIF) and other College databases.

Individual Practice Review (IPR): The IPR is an in-depth competence assessment process that offers flexible options to support physicians in improving their individual practice. Physicians may be selected through the Practice Checkup process or referred from other competence programs.

Group Practice Review (GPR): The GPR is an in-depth competence assessment process for multi-practitioner clinics. Results are reviewed with a CPSA Physician Facilitator, who offers information and resources to encourage quality improvement. Groups may be selected through the Practice Checkup process or referred from other competence programs.

Infection Prevention and Control: Reviews and assesses infection prevention and control practices in physician offices and clinics to ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and physicians.

Physician Prescribing Practices: A quality improvement approach to prescribing that involves collaboration between physicians, College staff and others with expertise in prescribing practices. Educational materials, peer support and practice tools emphasize patient safety and strategies to reduce the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

Physician Health Monitoring Program: Monitors physicians with health conditions that affect their ability to work. PHMP liaises with the Physician and Family Support Program of the Alberta Medical Association and professionals as appropriate to ensure our members remain fit to practise.

Multi-Source Feedback+ for Individuals (MSF+):Through the Medical Council of Canada’s (MCC) MCC 360 Multi-Source Feedback Program, coworkers and patients provide input on the physician’s role as a communicator, collaborator and professional.

Practice information related to any of the above programs will be provided to physicians in MD Snapshot reports. MD Snapshot reports provide physicians with relevant and timely information about specific areas of practice. Currently focused on prescribing, MD Snapshot offers physicians who prescribe opioids or benzodiazepines with a customized report that captures information on dispensed daily doses, multi-doctoring and other high risk measures such as patients on multiple prescriptions. The reports focus on quality improvement, allowing physicians to improve their practice and enhance patient care through increased prescribing awareness. In future, MD Snapshot reports will draw from other data sets relevant to individual and group practice.

Competence Committee

The Competence Committee is responsible for general and competence assessments, and continuing professional development of regulated members as outlined in the Health Professions Act (HPA).

The Competence Committee, under HPA authority, can delegate responsibilities directly to staff who operate the Continuing Competence programs. Members engaged in Continuing Competence Department programming — except those confidentially engaged with our Physician Health Monitoring representative* — will work with one or more trained CPSA staff.


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