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Welcome to Designing Quality, a new conversation about important issues facing physicians in Alberta. We promise a respectful and thought-provoking experience, and hope to attract your regular participation whether that be as an active reader or by leaving your comments.

There are many easy ways to join the conversation:

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Your experiences, challenges and successes can inspire positive change in others who may be struggling with something you’ve mastered, or where access to new ideas may be limited. Is there a topic you’d like discussed? Let us know. Designing Quality is a conversation to support you. We’ll update you as topics change. Or you can bookmark the blog page to follow conversations of particular interest.

Welcome to this new world, where physicians build quality medical practice together, improving the lives of our patients.

This is just the beginning. You’ll start to see a new way of doing things everywhere you look around here. You speak, we’ll listen.

We can help.

Welcome to Designing Quality, a blog dedicated to open, respectful conversation around topics of importance to Alberta’s physicians. Comments will be monitored for relevance and respect. All relevant comments will be posted within one hour, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or within 24-hours if received beyond business hours. If you prefer, you can select a screen name, but please note that your comments will not be anonymous.

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Dr. Rozemin Kizuk

Can we figure out how to eliminate need for re- referral to our specialists for care that obviously need annual examinations such as ortho ref for monitoring scoliosis, ophthalmologist for retinal exam etc? These kinds of follow up appointments can be made at the time of patient’s visit? Perhaps in these situations specialists can bill in packages of say 3 year period to reflect continuity of care?.