Self-Reporting to the College

Under Review: No
Issued by Council: January 1, 2010
Reissued by Council: September 1, 2012

  1. A physician must report the following personal circumstances to the College at the time of registration or whenever the physician becomes aware thereafter:
    1. any physical, cognitive, mental and/or emotional condition that is negatively impacting1 your work or is reasonably likely to negatively impact your work in the future2;
    2. a sexual or inappropriate personal relationship between the physician and the patient; and
    3. any voluntary or involuntary loss or restriction of diagnostic or treatment privileges granted by an administrative authority or any resignation in lieu of further administrative or disciplinary action.
  2. A physician must adhere to restrictions imposed by the College, to the satisfaction of the College, or withdraw from medical practice.

1. Conditions would include but not be limited to the following:

    • Blood borne viral infections
    • Conditions affecting primary senses: vision, hearing etc.
    • Neurological conditions affecting cognition, motor or sensory function, seizure disorder
    • Psychiatric conditions
    • Substance misuse
    • Physical disability
    • Metabolic conditions
    • etc.

2. Negative impact is defined as: Harm to patients or others as a result of the practice of medicine. The practice of medicine includes research, education and administration, in addition to the practice associated with patients.


The CPSA Standards of Practice are the minimum standards of professional behaviour and ethical conduct expected of all physicians registered in Alberta. Standards of practice are enforceable under the Health Professions Act and will be referenced in the management of complaints and in discipline hearings. About the CPSA Standards of Practice


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