Direction and Control of a Medical Practice

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Issued by Council: January 1, 2010

  1. In this standard, the “medical practice” includes, but is not limited to:
    1. the care provided for or to a patient, including advice on the use of any substance or treatment, and assessment, diagnosis treatment, and referral of the patient,
    2. the safety and quality of equipment used, including the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization in the reprocessing of medical equipment,
    3. the creation, access to and security of medical records, including charting of medical care to a patient, patient appointment schedules, patient billing and payment records prepared for the medical care of a patient,
    4. compliance with all applicable laws regarding personal information,
    5. advertising for the medical practice,
    6. billing for the medical practice, and
    7. responsibility for the qualifications and performance of staff supervised by the physician.
  2. A medical practice does not include ownership of any supplies, equipment or premises used by the physician in the medical practice.
  3. A physician must maintain full direction and control over his or her medical practice in any location outside of a hospital or facility operated by the provincial health authority or by a provincial or federal government.

The CPSA Standards of Practice are the minimum standards of professional behaviour and ethical conduct expected of all physicians registered in Alberta. Standards of practice are enforceable under the Health Professions Act and will be referenced in the management of complaints and in discipline hearings. About the CPSA Standards of Practice


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