Conflict of Interest

Under Review: Yes
Issued by Council (Conflict of Interest Involving Personal or Financial Gain by Physicians): January 1, 2010
Reissued by Council (Conflict of Interest): October 2015

  1. A regulated member must resolve any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest1 in the best interest of the patient.
  2. A regulated member must make full, frank and timely disclosure of any conflict of interest, and comply with clause (1) regardless of whether the regulated member has obtained consent to remain in the conflict of interest.
  3. A regulated member must not:
    1. seek or accept any benefit for a referral, service or product provided by another regulated professional to a patient, other than for services provided by a partner, associate, employee or locum of the regulated member;
    2. offer an inducement to another regulated professional conditional on providing a referral, service or product to a patient, whether or not such referral, service or product is medically appropriate; or
    3. encourage another person to offer or accept an inducement conditional on providing a referral, service or product to a patient, whether or not such referral, service or product is medically appropriate.
  4. A regulated member must not refer a patient to any facility or healthcare business separate and apart from the regulated member’s medical practice in which the regulated member has a direct or indirect financial interest unless the regulated member has the prior approval of the Registrar, and is able to substantiate compliance with the following on request:
    1. any interest or benefit the regulated member receives is directly attributable to the regulated member’s proportionate financial contribution or effort provided to that facility;
    2. there are no terms or conditions that relate any benefit to the regulated member to past or expected volume of patient referrals or other business from the regulated member to the facility; and
    3. there are no terms or conditions that require the regulated member to make referrals to the facility or otherwise generate business for the facility.

    1. A conflict of interest may arise where a reasonable person could believe that a regulated member’s duty to act in the patient’s best interests may be affected or influenced by other competing interests, including financial, non-financial, direct, or indirect transactions with patients or others.

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