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Applications for independent practice registration must be submitted through Please read ALL the steps below before going to to start the application process.


Carefully review the Eligibility Requirements for Independent Practice. 

Also, consult one of the following to determine if you satisfy the basic criteria for eligibility to apply to Alberta:

 Family Medicine Practice flow diagram

Specialty Practice flow diagram


Complete any eligibility requirements you do not currently satisfy.
We recommend you do not start the application process:

Are you a postgraduate trainee?

This application process is for independent practice registration only! To apply for postgraduate training registration go to: Apply for Postgraduate Training in Alberta. You may use your account for document verification or to apply for Medical Council of Canada exams, but not to apply for registration as a postgraduate trainee.

Fees you can expect

When applying for independent practice registration in Alberta, the following fees, with applicable taxes, may be required. These fees are accurate as of January 2020 and may change without notice.

– Establishing an account with MCC:  $298
– Sitting the MCCQE Part I Exam:  $1,305
– Sitting the IELTS exam:  $320
– Sitting the TDM exam (applies to IMGs interested in Family Medicine): $1995 + applicable taxes
– Completing the PRA IMG orientation for candidates workshop through the U of C: fees range from $550-$670
– Submitting a Review of Qualifications:  $211 to MCC  |  $200 to CPS
– Verifying credentials:  $175 per document to MCC
– Registering in Alberta upon successful application:  $800 to CPS
– Practice Permit fee:  $2,150  to CPSA

  • If you do not have evidence of English language proficiency. Achieve the required IELTS scores first.
  • If you are an International Medical Graduate or Osteopath and have not passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part I (MCCQE Part I). Pass one of these exams first unless you are being recruited to an academic appointment at an Alberta University Faculty of Medicine. Apply  through your account (see Step 3).
  • If your postgraduate training does not meet our requirements. Successfully complete the required training first (must be in a continuous, formal, accredited training program).*
  • If you have been out of practice or formal postgraduate training in the discipline of medicine in which you intend to practice in Alberta for more than three years. Wait until you have returned to practice or formal postgraduate training for at least 12 months.
    *NOTE: Fellowship training, community service, public service, national service, Medical Officer posts and practice experience DO NOT satisfy the postgraduate training requirements.


Set up an account with to:

  • Apply for Medical Council of Canada (MCC) examinations
  • View your MCC and National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) examination results
  • Submit your medical credentials and documents for source verification (required for training completed outside Canada)
  • Have your medical credentials translated if issued in a language other than English
  • Share your medical credentials and exam results with medical regulatory authorities and organizations, with your consent
  • Submit a Review of Qualifications for Alberta

FAQs about


After we receive your Review of Qualifications from, we will assess if you are eligible to move forward in the application process. We charge a $200 Cdn non-refundable fee for this assessment, payable when you submit the Review of Qualifications. Therefore, please ensure you meet ALL the requirements in Step 2 before you submit. (Note: This fee is in addition to any fees charged for your account.)

We will notify you of the results of your Review of Qualifications by email:

  • If you are not eligible, we will explain why.
  • If you are eligible, we will advise for which register (Provisional Register Conditional Practice OR General Register). We will also provide detailed instructions on how to proceed, including when you will have access to the complete application.


If we determine you are eligible for the General Register:

  • Carefully follow the instructions outlined in the Review of Qualifications results email.
  • This email will include information about the supporting documentation, assessments, fees and important timelines, etc. required to complete your application.
  • Please ensure all required documentation is submitted and made available to the College through

If we determine you are eligible for the Provisional Register Conditional Practice:

  • Follow the advice we sent you in the Review of Qualifications results letter.
  • Go to to apply for a physician posting that is eligible for Alberta Health Services (AHS) sponsorship. You must have a Review of Qualifications results letter from the CPSA.
  • If you are a Family Medicine physician who isn’t eligible for independent practice on the General Register or you do not have Recognized Training and Certification Outside Canada through the CFPC, you must also successfully write and pass the TDM exam in addition to securing AHS sponsorship and employment in Alberta. You will have 1 year from when your CPSA Eligibility Letter is issued to both secure AHS sponsorship for employment and successfully pass the TDM exam.
  • If we do not receive a sponsorship form from AHS on your behalf (and if you’re a Family Medicine physician and you do not pass the TDM exam) within 1 year, your file will be closed and you will not be granted access to the application for registration process with the CPSA.


After your application file is complete, with all medical credentials and supporting documents submitted and verified (as applicable), CPSA will analyze your application and notify you whether or not you qualify for registration in Alberta. If you do, you will be provided with further instructions and details regarding completion of:

  • an assessment, if required,
  • final registration documents,
  • registration appointment (in person or online, at the discretion of the Registrar), and
  • payment of applicable fees and taxes.


If you qualify for registration, the College will issue you a practice permit and you will be entitled to practise medicine in Alberta.

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