Regional Tour visits Lethbridge and Medicine Hat

Dina Baras CPSA, Regional Tour

trevor-speaking-to-drs-mh-websiteRegional Tour, the College’s community outreach program, wrapped up its 5-year plan to cross the province with visits to Lethbridge and Medicine Hat on November 30th, 2016. Physicians, the public and healthcare leaders came out to discuss: What are obstacles to good medical care delivery in your city and how can the CPSA help to overcome them?

Physicians in both communities raised similar concern including limited access to specialists, physician recruitment to rural Alberta, and practice issues such as the College’s new Standard of Practice on Referral Consultation. The new standard will require physicians to meet new timeframes to acknowledge and respond to referral requests.

“We do not expect doctors to be available 24/7, 365 days a year,” noted CPSA Registrar Trevor Theman. “We do expect them to work with their medical colleagues to help patients access care in their community.” Lethbridge physician, Dr. Charlotte Haig, noted patients simply want to be able to plan their lives. ”Patients just want to get a consultation date.”

The visit to Lethbridge and Medicine Hat marks the 18th Regional Tour location visited by the College. If you would like the CPSA to visit your community, please contact