Were you a patient of Dr. Vincenzo Visconti?

Dr. Visconti was suspended from practice indefinitely on April 27, 2018. If you were a patient of Dr. Visconti’s, call Health Link at 811 for more information. Health Link staff are aware of the suspension and can answer questions about your health concerns and connect you with services as appropriate. If you don’t need an appointment right now and you’ve seen a physician other than Dr. Visconti in the past year, consider contacting that physician’s office. You can also contact for help finding a new physician.

Patient Advocacy

The College believes physicians should be responsible advocates for their patients. Through our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice, we have consistently advised our members they have a right and a responsibility to do what is best for their patients, and sometimes that means acting on their behalf.


College activities outlined in the Health Professions Act (HPA) are subject to the Ombudsman Act. This allows any person not satisfied with these activities to make a formal complaint to the Alberta Ombudsman.