Why is the public calling the College?

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Occasionally, members of the public contact the College or Alberta Health Services after experiencing or observing ‘unclean’ community medical offices.

What are the TOP 5 concerns? 

  • Lack of hand hygiene, including missing or inadequately stocked hand hygiene stations
  • Poor cleaning & general sanitation (e.g., a dirty office environment)
  • Inadequate cleaning & disinfection during examination room turnover
  • Appearance of unclean non-critical medical instruments and devices (stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, etc.)
  • Inappropriate use of household products (e.g., Lysol wipes for hand hygiene, dish detergent for instrument/device cleaning, etc.)

Address these issues before they become your concern. Review the IPAC program’s recommended best practices, or contact the Program Coordinator at Benjamin.Kung@cpsa.ab.ca or 780-969-5004.

Infection Interventions is a series aimed at helping physicians identify best practices in infection prevention and control. If you have a question about this article or an idea for a future article, email Karen.Mazurek@cpsa.ab.ca.

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