Billings & Fees

Unfortunately, no. Our current database allows only one, so we ask physicians to choose the work address where they spend the majority of their time.

Yes. Patients can be billed directly for services not covered by Alberta Health Care. This includes writing sick notes, consulting by phone, copying patient records and filling out insurance or legal forms. Note: If a patient is older than 74.5 years, Alberta Health and Wellness will pay for their driver’s licence examination and completion of forms.

Yes, if patients are informed of this policy when they book the appointment. If a complaint is lodged by the patient, the physician must be able to justify the billing. Documentation of patient consent to the policy would be useful.

If the visit is for elective services, you can charge the patient directly.

Note: A physician may not refuse to treat/accept a patient in an emergency situation if they have the skills required to do so.

Please contact the Alberta Medical Association:

Phone: 780-482-2626     Toll Free: 1-800-272-9680
Fax: 780-482-5445

Yes, if negotiations with the firm have not resulted in payment. You may also request pre-payment or a down-payment for new work being requested. Note: To ensure a paper trail, conduct all communications in writing.