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The Physician Prescribing Program (PPP) connects you to information, tools and resources to promote best practice and support safe and effective care for every patient every time.

PPP is evidence-based, collegial and supportive.

Program Rules for Members
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“Our program is entirely educational, focused on patients.”Dr. Mark Godel, CPSA Senior Medical Advisor

MD Snapshot – Prescribing

What is MD Snapshot - Prescribing?

MD Snapshot – Prescribing provides physicians with relevant and timely information about their prescribing practice. Customized for each recipient, it focuses on quality improvement, allowing physicians to improve their practice and enhance patient care through increased prescribing awareness.


MD Snapshot-Prescribing is a tool for self-reflection with the dual purpose of increasing your prescribing awareness and supporting you in optimizing care for your patients.

Earning continuing medical education credits

Reviewing MD Snapshot – Prescribing qualifies for continuing medical education credits as a non-certified, self-learning activity. For more details, visit or

Complete a Linking Learning exercise* for an additional 5 Mainpro+ certified credits or Maintenance of Certification Program (MOC) Section 3 credits for Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) members.

Peer Comparisons

The peer comparison data included in MD Snapshot - Prescribing allows physicians to compare their prescribing activities to the prescribing activity of their peers.

Physicians are assigned to a group representing their primary specialty for comparison. These specialities are self-reported by physicians. Learn about MD Snapshot - Prescribing Comparison groups.

Linking Learning exercise* example:

Select 5 to 10 patients and for each of them, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is the therapy indicated and appropriate?
  2. Are there safer pharmaceutical and/or non-pharmaceutical options available?
  3. Can I further optimize prescribing for my patient?

Where do we get the data for MD Snapshot - Prescribing?

MD Snapshot – Prescribing contains patient-level prescribing data and details on how it relates to clinical practice guidelines. Alberta Netcare’s Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) is the primary data source for MD Snapshot – Prescribing however the data we have access to via PIN is limited.

The dispensing information in PIN is entered manually at the community pharmacy level. Manual data input increases the risk of data-entry errors such as transcription and attribution errors. Although the error percentage is low, errors can happen. If you notice an error on your MD Snapshot - Prescribing, please contact us. 

Physicians who were asked to pilot the online version of MD Snapshot via the Physician Portal will have access to aggregated and patient-specific data. This data includes long-term prescribing trends.

Learn more about MD Snapshot – Prescribing with this 30-minute webinar:

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Prescribing Trends

The College distributes MD Snapshot-Prescribing to help physicians self-reflect, optimize their practice and increase their prescribing awareness. Alberta physicians have told us they value the report and would like to receive it regularly. Our members are using this information to improve their individual practices. This is collectively contributing to safer and more judicious prescribing for Albertans (see below).

“Excellent to have the info, helps bring multi-doc Rx’s to my attention. I also will be interfacing with my Panel Manager to implement a review and proactive plan with each of the patients…. I strongly endorse continuation of this program/feedback.”Alberta Physician who received MD Snapshot - Prescribing


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New Course to Safely Taper Patients Taking Opioids

The University of Calgary has partnered with the CPSA and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop a new course to train family doctors and specialists to safely taper patients taking opioids. The new Wise Prescribing and De-prescribing: Opioid Skills for the Frontline Clinician course includes expert panels, short podcasts, interview clips with clinicians, as well as patient testimonials. There are offerings of self-learning online modules as well as paired small group workshops in this course. The online modules are available now for you to sign up and complete at any time. The paired workshops will be offered several times per year.

Please click here to learn more.



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