Physician Health Monitoring Policies

The College’s primary responsibility is to ensure Alberta physicians provide safe, quality care to their patients. Part of this responsibility is ensuring physicians do not have health concerns that affect their ability to practise.

When a health condition is identified, the Assistant Registrar uses policies developed by the Physician Health Monitoring Committee (PHMC)* to guide the approach taken with a physician. Members of the committee also provide advice on complex situations in a non-nominal fashion.

Any management of a physician’s health issues occurs outside the College’s disciplinary process. Most physicians can return to work with appropriate supports; restrictions or loss of a license are extremely rare and occur only if an independent assessment determines the physician is unfit to practice.

*The Physician Health Monitoring Committee (PHMC) is comprised of physicians with expertise in managing physician health concerns. College Council appoints members of the committee, at least one member must have expertise in addiction medicine.


Dr. Jeremy Beach, Assistant Registrar
780-969-4940 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4940 (in Canada)

Leanne Minckler, Physician Health Advisor
780-969-4943 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4943 (in Canada)