Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP)

We support and monitor physicians whose ability to practise may be affected by a health issue.

Focus on Physicians Managing their Health

Management of physician health issues are confidential and occur outside the College’s disciplinary process.

Rules for Member Participation

We encourage physicians, medical students and residents who presently have a health condition to seek medical attention early in order to minimize the impact on their practice.

Physicians deserve the same high level of care and compassion that they provide to their patients. The impact of a physician’s health condition is evaluated in the context of each physician’s individual practice.

We may require additional information from your health providers to ensure that you are managing your health condition and able to provide care safely to your patients. We will seek consent from you to request this information if this is required.

In some circumstances, we may require ongoing monitoring of a health condition to ensure you remain healthy and are able to carry out your duties.

Our aim is to ensure that you have the support you require in order to balance your health needs with your clinical responsibilities.

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More than 80% of physicians involved in the Physician Health Monitoring Program are currently in practice.

Our Principles

The Assistant Registrar provides direction and support, but does not directly provide any form of treatment.

The Assistant Registrar strongly encourages the physician’s right to access all available resources, including the Physician and Family Support Program operated by the Alberta Medical Association (the “PFSP”) and the Case Coordination function of the PFSP.

The Assistant Registrar will work collaboratively with physicians to manage health conditions to ensure safe, continuing practice.

Evidence and expert opinion will be used when determining the course of action.

Most physicians manage their health conditions in a way that the impact on the practice and care of patients is minimized.

The physician’s personal health information is kept strictly confidential at all times. Specific information about who has access to this information, and under which circumstances, can be found in the related document Physicians’ Personal Health Information.