Physician Assistants

Physician assistants provide patient care under the supervision of a physician registered for independent practice in Alberta (on the General Register or Provisional Register Conditional Practice). The College has a voluntary, non-regulated membership category for physician assistants.

PHYSICIANS:  For advice on employing and compensating physician assistants please contact the Alberta Medical Association.

More Information

We do:

  • Register physician assistants that meet the registration criteria
  • Maintains a list of registered physician assistants that includes a) name, b) credentials and c) public contact information
  • Have a standard of practice for physicians who wish to use physician assistants in their medical practice (Supervision of Restricted Activities).

We do NOT:

  • Verify the source of the information provided by physician assistants interested in registering
  • Regulate the physician assistant profession
  • Have authority to mandate a physician assistant to register with the College
  • Have any authority to discipline or regulate the conduct, training or performance of physician assistants.

A Physician Assistant shall only work under the supervision of a regulated member on the General Register or the Provisional Register Conditional Practice, and that regulated member will take responsibility for the clinical performance of the Physician Assistant (Bylaw 24 (6) passed by Council Dec. 4, 2010)

For more information, go to: Canadian Medical Association’s Physician Assistant Toolkit.

Consider having the candidate provide the following information:

  • Currency of training or practice
  • Scope of practice
  • Criminal record check
  • Fitness to practice issues, such as:
    1. Transmissible blood borne infections
    2. Serious health issues that impair or have impaired the ability to provide safe patient care
    3. Medical conditions that impair judgment, cognition, sensory, or motor function
    4. Any involvement in a sexual or inappropriate personal relationship with a patient
  • Disciplinary actions taken by any employer or regulatory authority that has authority over the candidate
  • Liability protection for acts or omissions of the candidate working under the supervision of the physician

Physician Assistants must graduate from one of the following: 

  • training provided through the Canadian Forces Medical Services School,
  • training accredited by the Canadian Medical Association Conjoint Accreditation Process in Canada, or
  • training accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) in the United States of America,


Be recognized as a certified Physician Assistant with one of the following credentials:

  • Canadian Certified Physician Assistant (CCPA), granted by the Physician Assistants Certification Council of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants, or
  • Physician Assistant – Certified (PA-C), granted by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants in the United States of America

On December 3, 2010, Council of the College passed a bylaw pertaining to the registration of Physician Assistants as non-regulated members.