Advice for Patients

The College's work with physicians is focused on patient safety. Information provided below is to help patients be partners in their own safe care. If your question isn't answered here, call us at 1-800-561-3899.

Boundaries in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Telemedicine FAQs for Patients


Opioid Medications

  • If you are taking a prescribed opioid, check out these safety fact sheets: Opioid Safety for Patients with Acute Pain and Opioid Safety for Patients with Chronic Pain
  • Read our Message to Albertans Living With Chronic Pain
  • If you are already taking a prescription opioid for chronic pain, you may wish to discuss your treatment with your doctor to make sure your medication and dose are still appropriate. Safely reducing opioid use requires a plan and medical expertise, and should never be done quickly or without a doctor’s help.
  • There is some public concern that physicians are abruptly cutting people off their medication. The College has been very clear physicians should not abruptly stop prescribing opioids and must not abandon their patients currently receiving opioids. If this situation applies to you, first speak with your physician. If this does not resolve the situation, you may wish to file a complaint with the College.