Physician Achievement Review (PAR) Program

Out with the PAR, in with the new

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is introducing a new collaborative approach to physician assessment.

The new approach is based on extensive physician feedback and replaces the Physician Achievement Review (PAR) program.

What is the new approach? How is it different from PAR?

The first part is a general assessment process − like an annual check-up for your practice. Each year, based on information provided in the Renewal Information Form (RIF), every Alberta physician will receive a progress report highlighting opportunities for continued quality improvement. In future years, we hope to incorporate other data sets like prescribing information to provide information that is meaningful and relevant to individual and group practices.

A designated number of individual physicians and group practices will be identified each year to participate in an in-depth competence assessment process. In 2017, 500 individual physicians and 50 group practices will be randomly selected, all Family Medicine/General Practitioners. Specialist physicians will participate in 2018.

The Individual Practice Review (IPR) will feature multi-source feedback as well as a variety of tools and resources to provide timely, relevant information to benefit both physicians and patients. A CPSA Physician Facilitator will review the findings and discuss opportunities for quality improvement with each physician participant.

The Group Practice Review (GPR) will involve an on-site visit to assess various quality indicators, including how the CPSA Standards of Practice are implemented. Clinic physicians will then meet with a CPSA Physician Facilitator as a group to review the findings and discuss opportunities to improve their practice.

How was this new assessment process developed?

The program is based on what the College heard from over 2,000 physicians in focus groups, surveys and face-to-face conversations. We also did extensive testing and will continue to refine the process and tools based on physician feedback and ongoing research.

How will the new assessment process impact me and my practice?

Every physician will receive an annual progress report, scheduled for August 2017. If you are selected for either the IPR or the GPR in 2017, you will also receive correspondence from the College this spring with details about the process, timelines and expectations of you and your staff.

Want to know more?

  • Regular updates will be posted in The Messenger newsletter and distributed via email.
  • Check the website for new information starting in March 2017
  • Contact the Continuing Competence department at (780) 969-5005 or email us at


Jackie Dawson, Program Administrator, Physician Achievement Review (PAR)
Phone: 780-969-4986

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Jackie Dawson, Program Administrator, Physician Achievement Review (PAR)
Phone: 780-969-4986