July Messenger 2017

Dina Baras CPSA

Free Registration for 2017 TDM examinations

New Alberta Requirement for IMGs interested in Family Medicine

The Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM) exam will become an additional CPSA eligibility requirement starting March 1, 2018. This requirement applies to internationally trained physicians interested in Family Medicine who are applying for Independent Practice in Alberta. Candidates must pass the TDM before the CPSA will consider their eligibility for registration. If eligible for registration, the physician will then be considered for a Practice Readiness Assessment.

UPDATE JULY 19, 2017: Registration for the free TDM examinations in fall 2017 (below) is now full. No further registrations will be accepted.

The CPSA will run two FREE TDM exams in 2017:

  • September 13, 2017
  • November 15, 2017

Register today! [No further registrations are being accepted as of July 19, 2017]

Candidates interested in one of these free exam sittings can email ppap@cpsa.ab.ca. The email must include the following:

  • preferred exam date
  • full name
  • email address

Please give the CPSA access to your documents from your physiciansapply.ca account.

The College will contact candidates to confirm registration. Note: spots are limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Starting in 2018, the CPSA will offer the examination twice a year on behalf of the MCC. The exam will cost candidates $850 plus a CPSA administrative fee.


Contact ppap@cpsa.ab.ca

Our year in stories & numbers

We’ve just released our 2016 Annual Report. Included is our new approach to competence assessment, how we’re responding to the opioid crisis and much more. Good Medical Practice – It’s what we’re all about.

Annual renewal for postgrads complete. Next up…undergraduate trainees.

Thank you to all our postgraduate trainees for completing their 2017-2018 renewal.

Next up is renewal for undergraduate trainees, with our first notice going out July 25th. Deadline for renewal is August 31st (see more).

Completing the annual Renewal Information Form (RIF) ensures we have updated contact information, and important information surrounding trainees’ health and professionalism.

What we heard from our Postgrads

Each year, we ask members for feedback on the RIF and our renewal process. Here is a summary of what we heard from our postgraduate trainees:

  • 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed RIF questions were clear
  • 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed the form functioned well, was easy to complete, and that the length was reasonable
  • 90% Strongly Agreed or Agreed the log in process was easy
  • 44% Strongly Agreed or Agreed help was readily available, 56% were neutral.

A few members left specific comments on how we could make further improvements to the RIF. We will look at these more closely along with feedback from undergraduate trainees and physicians after their renewal is complete.

New collaborative approach to physician assessment process underway

Alberta physicians will receive more relevant and timely feedback about their practice thanks to the CPSA’s new physician assessment process. The new approach is based on extensive physician input.

The first part is a new general assessment for all members that replaces the Physician Achievement Review (PAR) Program. Based on information from the Registration Information Form (RIF) and other CPSA databases, every Alberta physician will receive an annual report called Practice Checkup that highlights opportunities for continuous quality improvement.

The second part is a more in-depth competence assessment. In 2017, a designated number of individual physicians and group practices have been randomly selected from those working in family medicine/general practice.

The College will engage with specialists later this year.

Both the individual and group practice review offer a collaborative and supportive process to help physicians improve their practice.

 Individual Practice Review (IPR)

  • 500 Family Physicians/General Practitioners have been randomly selected for 2017 Multi-source Feedback+
  • Selected physicians will receive initiation packages between August and December 2017
  • Want to know more? http://www.cpsa.ca/your-practice/ipr/

 Group Practice Review (GPR)

  • 31 of the 50 randomly selected clinics for 2017 have already begun the process.
  • The GPR program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 13.5 Mainpro+ credits
  • Results from Phase I with the volunteer clinics are complete. Here are the Executive Summary and complete report.
  • Want to know more? http://www.cpsa.ca/your-practice/gpr/

Physician feedback is a key component of the new process and post assessment survey responses will be used to guide program improvements.

Questions? Contact CC.inquiries@cpsa.ab.ca or call 780-969-5005 or 1-800-561-3899 Ext. 5005