IPAC program summed up in 10 words: Alberta physicians continue to reprocess and are meeting best practices

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In 2007, in response to high profile incidents concerning improper medical device reprocessing, the Minister of Health directed the College to review infection prevention and control (IPAC) procedures in physician offices. In 2008, Alberta Health and Wellness released provincial standards and gave the College responsibility to enforce these standards for Alberta physicians.

Over the last five years, the College’s IPAC program has reached out to Alberta physicians, providing on-site assessments and education to those who reprocess medical devices in their offices.

One key outcome of our IPAC program:

98% of physicians, who responded “yes” to our reprocessing survey, continue to perform procedures in their offices and have made the necessary enhancements to their IPAC procedures to ensure patient safety.

What else did we find? What did it cost? How is our IPAC program making a difference? Read our latest IPAC Report.


Infection Interventions is a series aimed at helping physicians identify best practices in infection prevention and control.

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