February Messenger 2018

Dina Baras CPSA

PSSP is (almost) here!  What it means to you

New portal will make it easier to connect, share information and provide timely patient care

It’s not unusual for physicians to receive multiple requests to verify their contact information. Provider information is currently stored in multiple systems across Alberta, making it difficult to find and confirm which is most up-to-date.

The Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP) is about to change all that.

Login instructions will be emailed soon. Starting later this month, authorized physicians with Netcare access (AHS and non-AHS) and their delegates will be able to log in to the Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP) to manage their practice information and view contact details for other health professionals in the Provincial Provider Registry. Alberta Health and AHS developed the Provincial Provider Registry jointly, to create a trusted source of verifiable practice information for all regulated health professionals in Alberta.

At the start, PSSP will be available only to physicians. Other regulated health professionals will be added in future. Eventually, the Provincial Provider Registry will integrate provider contact information with the AHS provincial Clinical Information System (Connect Care), making it easier for healthcare providers to connect with each other, share information and provide timely patient care, particularly in the event of critical test results or a public health emergency.

Using PSSP, you will be able to:

  • Manage key information about your practice:
    • clinic address and telephone number (primary location and other)
    • critical results contact information (lab and DI)
    • emergency and disaster response contact information
  • View contact information for other physicians (and in future, other healthcare providers)
  • Search and view “prac IDs” for other physicians

PSSP will be available only to verified end-users of Alberta Netcare, so if you don’t have Netcare access yet you should apply.

For now, you’ll need to keep the College updated too.

For a number of years, the CPSA has helped populate physicians’ basic contact information in the Provincial Provider Registry from information collected in our Renewal Information Form (RIF).

That’s why you’ll see some pre-populated fields when you log in to the PSSP for the first time, to review and edit as necessary. Other fields will be blank for you to complete.

At this time, updates made in the PSSP will NOT automatically update the CPSA’s database, so you’ll have to do both. Eventually, you will be able to do all your contact information updates in the PSSP, and verify your information annually in the RIF.  

Questions? Contact david.kay@cpsa.ab.ca

College seeks community-based surgeon for IPAC advisory committee

Are you an experienced surgeon with an interest in infection prevention & control?

If so, we want you to consider an active role in self-governance with our Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC) Advisory Committee.

This multidisciplinary committee provides expertise and advice to the Competence Committee (a standing committee of College Council) to help ensure IPAC standards are consistently adopted and met in physician offices and clinics.

We promise an interesting, challenging and satisfying experience.

As a surgeon who performs office-based procedures using flexible endoscopes, you will add expertise and complement current representatives from infection prevention & control, public health, the AMA and family physicians. 


  • Surgeon in good standing with the College
  • Experience performing endoscopic procedures (e.g. sigmoidoscopy, nasopharyngoscopy) in community settings
  • Minimum of five years’ practice experience
  • Participation in past IPAC program assessment(s) and knowledge of endoscope reprocessing are considered valuable assets

Expected time commitment:

The IPAC advisory committee meets three times a year, typically in January, May and September. As well as attending meetings, you will be expected to review meeting dossiers in advance (150-200 pages) so you can fully participate in discussion and decision-making. 

Honorarium and expenses are paid at College rates.

For more information or to apply, contact Mr. Benjamin Kung, Program Manager, at 780-969-5004 or benjamin.kung@cpsa.ab.ca.