EMRs & Physicians

EMRs make entering, storing and retrieving patient information faster and more secure. EMRs also help physicians in shared practice environments provide better, safer care because each physician can access each patient’s vital health information quickly and efficiently.

Today, about 80 per cent of all Alberta physicians use EMRs in their practice.


EMR Security Checklist

Toward an Integrated Electronic Patient Record

Council greenlights Roadmap to enable full physician participation by 2020

In September 2016, College Council approved a conceptual roadmap proposed by the Medical informatics Committee to move the profession decisively toward an active role in creating and using a province-wide integrated electronic patient record. While the primary drivers are patient safety and quality of care, patient expectations are also evolving to include access to personal health information and responsible sharing of relevant information among healthcare providers.

While the framework is necessarily flexible, key targets for physicians are:

  • PIN access and review mandated as a standard of practice
  • EMR and Netcare use mandated as standards of practice by 2020
  • Prescribed sharing of information from EMR to Netcare as infrastructure is enabled

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