Apply for Temporary Activity, not including locums

If you are a physician or an osteopath visiting Alberta for a specific, short-term activity as a medical instructor, medical learner or clinician, you require temporary registration on the Courtesy Register.

If your intent is to observe a medical practice, you can bypass the Courtesy Register and connect directly with the physician whose practice you intend to observe. Learn more in the CPSA Advice to the Profession on Medical Practice Observation/Experience.

Criteria & how to apply

You must be sponsored by the Alberta-registered physician who will supervise you during your short-term activity. Have your sponsor complete the Sponsorship Form for Temporary Registration and return it to you to submit with your application package.

Application forms & instructions

 Visiting Medical Instructor: in Alberta for up to 30 days in a calendar year to provide medical instruction or demonstration involving direct patient contact.

 Visiting Medical Learner: in Alberta for up to 90 days in a calendar year to receive medical instruction which may involve direct patient contact.

 Visiting Clinician: in Alberta for up to 30 days in a calendar year to provide medical services during a specified event, which may require the authority to write prescriptions and/or order diagnostic tests. Physicians who attend only non-Albertan members of a contingent with whom they travel do not require registration (e.g., sports teams, travel groups, etc.)

The Courtesy Register does not apply to postgraduate training, including electives, fellowships or residency programs. See Postgraduate Training in Alberta.