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During pre-consultation, suggestions were made about the inclusion of the reporting requirements under An Act to Protect Patients to clarify which blood borne viral infections need to be reported and which impairments could cause patient harm.

Respondents also made it clear there is a level of uncertainty of what may happen once a report is made. While this is not something we can address in a standard, since every situation is different, we can certainly explore it in the upcoming Advice to the Profession document.

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Self-Reporting to the College

CPSA members, partner organizations, other health care professionals and Albertans are invited to provide feedback from Dec. 2, 2019-Jan. 16, 2020. Council will consider non-nominal feedback when approving final amendments to the standard at its Feb, 2020 meeting.

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Under the draft on Self reporting in section 1b the word future is used and it needs to be modified as it means forever.
I think the word "near should be added.
There is no risk to adding this word as this legislative change mandates a continuous observation of my behaviour/condition. Therefore if I have doubts about an issue today I have to examine the issue tomorrow.
By leaving the word "future" unmodified in I must report many conditions that may self resolve.

Brian Inglis
Alberta Physician