Reporting Standards

Consultation closed

Thank you for participating in our consultation process. Your feedback helps us ensure standards are relevant to current medical practice: the more feedback we get, the stronger the standards will be.

In November of 2018, the passing of Bill 21, An Act to Protect Patients, resulted in changes to the reporting requirements identified in the Health Professions Act. This meant we had to look at CPSA’s standards on reporting to ensure they are consistent with Alberta’s legislation.

While there are no major shortcomings in the current standards, they are also due for a review as part of our five-year renewal plan. We also want to take this opportunity to re-emphasize how important it is for all physicians to take responsibility for reporting. Some health issues can impact a physician’s fitness to practice and need to be properly managed to avoid any risks to patient care—this is an important part of maintaining the trust Albertans have in the health profession.

CPSA currently has three standards of practice related to reporting, which we’ve condensed into two draft standards. A pre-consultation was done in the spring to gather feedback, which informed our proposed changes. The responses received let us know the expectations of the standards are clear and that they are still relevant to practice. However, we also heard improvements can be made by ensuring definitions are clear and expectations are apparent. Some suggestions were implemented in the draft, while others are best suited for an accompanying Advice to the Profession document.

Please visit each consultation page to review the current standards, our proposed amendments and provide your thoughts:

Duty to Report a Colleague

Duty to Report Self

Any changes to the CPSA Standards of Practice impact your day-to-day practice: it is vital we have your input to ensure the standards strike an appropriate balance between serving patient needs and setting reasonable expectations for your medical practice.

Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us develop clear, reasonable expectations and helpful, applicable resources. We appreciate the time you take and the input you provide.

Feedback may be provided via survey, email, or the form found on each page (linked above).

This consultation was extended to January 31.

Once amendments are finalized and approved by CPSA Council, physicians will be notified and made aware of any new expectations.

Questions? Contact Chantelle Dick, Standards of Practice Coordinator.

“We’re re-emphasizing to physicians the importance of taking responsibility for issues that might affect their own fitness for practice.”Dr. Jeremy Beach, CPSA Assistant Registrar