Responsibility for a Medical Practice

What are a physician’s responsibilities?

As well as patient care, professional & administrative activities are part of medical practice

Council approved the Responsibility for Medical Practice standard effective July 1, 2018. Formerly Direction & Control of a Medical Practice, the changes clarify what individual physicians are responsible for while encouraging leadership in multi-physician settings and supporting team-based care.

A companion Advice to the Profession document has also been developed to help physicians apply the standard in their own practice.

Read the amended standardRead the Advice to the Profession

Your Feedback Made a Difference

In all, we received 86 responses to the fall 2017 consultation on the first draft of the amendment, including 73 physicians and 12 stakeholder organizations. (You can read some of their comments below). 

Several themes emerged:

  • Respondents felt the title Direction and  Control of a Medical Practice didn’t reflect team-based care; the standard should apply in all practice settings.
  • Custody of medical records should be explicitly included as a physician responsibility in practice settings other than AHS and government facilities.
“The College believes it’s really important for physicians to retain leadership of medical practice.”Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar
  • Physicians wanted greater clarity on their responsibilities for regulated and non-regulated staff, particularly when working within an organization that employs its own staff (e.g., PCN, university, social agency, etc.)
  • The proposed new role of medical lead in multi-physician practice also needed more explanation: would this be just a contact person for the College, or would the medical lead  have overall responsibility for the group?

The College responded with a second draft and sent it back to respondents who had provided significant feedback for another look. The response was positive, and the second draft was approved by Council in May 2018 to take effect on July 1, 2018. 

Consultation Comments

Click the icon to read what some consultation respondents had to say about the initial draft in fall 2017.