Under Alberta’s Health Professions Act, the College conducts formal consultations prior to making changes to the CPSA Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct and rules for member participation in specific programs, such as Continuing Competence programs.

The practice of medicine is self-regulated. That means our members play an important role in setting and meeting the CPSA Standards of Practice.

Physicians are invited to provide feedback during a minimum 30-day consultation period before Council votes to approve new or amended standards or program rules. Government, the public and other interested parties are also asked for comment:

  • University of Alberta and University of Calgary medical faculties
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • Alberta’s other regulated health professions
  • Canadian medical regulatory authorities in other provinces and territories
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • additional organizations, as applicable

All  feedback is provided (non-nominally) to Council for consideration prior to approving the standards.

Our 5-Year Plan

To ensure the CPSA Standards of Practice are clear, concise and continue to meet physician and patient needs in a changing health care environment, the College has a 5-year plan to review and refresh the standards.

Your feedback is welcome at any time

Providing feedback about proposed revisions to the CPSA Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct and program rules helps College Council strike the appropriate balance between serving patient needs and setting reasonable expectations for physicians.

To provide feedback outside the formal consultation period, please contact Chantelle Dick as indicated below.


Chantelle Dick