Under Alberta’s Health Professions Act, the College conducts formal consultations prior to making changes to the CPSA Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct and rules for member participation in specific programs, such as Continuing Competence programs.

Consultation on draft amendments to the following standards ended December 1, 2017. To read the comments, click the links:

You spoke: we listened

In April 2017, we asked how we could consult with you better. Of 350 individuals who responded to our survey, 345 were Alberta physicians. Based on your feedback, we are:

  • reducing the number of consultations to review twice a year, with no more than three standards each time,
  • introducing a survey option for feedback, and
  • doing a better job of explaining the reasons for amending the standards.

Thank you for helping us improve.

See the full survey results

The practice of medicine is self-regulated. That means our members play an important role in setting and meeting the CPSA Standards of Practice.

Physicians are invited to provide feedback during a 60-day consultation period before Council votes to approve new or amended standards or program rules. Government, the public and other interested parties are also asked for comment:

  • University of Alberta and University of Calgary medical faculties
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • Alberta’s other regulated health professions
  • Canadian medical regulatory authorities in other provinces and territories
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • additional organizations, as applicable

All  feedback is provided (non-nominally) to Council for consideration prior to approving the standards.

Our 5-Year Plan

To ensure the CPSA Standards of Practice are clear, concise and continue to meet physician and patient needs in a changing health care environment, the College has a 5-year plan to review and refresh the standards.

  1. College Council approves drafts of new and amended documents for consultation.
  2. Consultation is open for 60 days. Physicians and stakeholders are invited to participate through notices sent by email and in the College’s newsletter The Messenger.
  3. Feedback may be provided:
  • Online: Contributors can use a web form to submit comments and have the option to request publication on the website. The College reviews all comments before publication to ensure there is no offensive language, personal attacks or unsubstantiated allegations.
  • Email
  • Mail: College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta
    2700 – 10020 100 Street NW
    Edmonton, AB T5J 0N3 Canada
  1. Consultation feedback is collated and incorporated into the draft documents, and both are brought to Council for review.
  2. College Council considers the feedback and approves the draft documents, as presented or with revisions.
  3. Council approval is announced in The Messenger newsletter. New or amended documents generally take effect the following month, with updates posted on the College website and in The Messenger newsletter, and email notification to consultation participants.
Consultation 013 is now closed. Council will review feedback and final drafts at its May 2018 meeting.

  • Direction and Control of a Medical Practice
  • Sexual Boundary Violations
  • Practice in Association
Consultation 012 October 12-December 12, 2016Outcome
Job ActionReissued April 2017
Prescribing: Administration (formerly Prescribing)Reissued (name change only) April 1, 2017
Prescribing: Drugs with Potential for Misuse or DiversionIssued April 1, 2017
Supervision of Restricted ActivitiesRessued April 1, 2017
Consultation 011 April 6-June 7, 2016Outcome
Completing Discharge SummariesRescinded Sept 2016
Referral Consultation (formerly the Referral Consultation process)Reissued Jan 1, 2017
Transfer of CareReissued Oct 1 2016
Consultation 010 January 7 – March 7, 2016Outcome
Medical Assistance in DyingIssued June 2016
Conscientious Objection (formerly Moral or Religious Beliefs Affecting Medical Care)Reissued June 2016
Informed ConsentReissued June 2016
Assessing the Mental Capacity of a PatientRescinded June 2016
Consultation 009 July 14 – September 11, 2015Outcome
Patient Record ContentReissued Jan 2016
Patient Record RetentionReissued Jan 2016
PrescribingReissued Mar 2016
Consultation 008 Mar 23 – May 21, 2015Outcome
Advertising (formerly Advertising by Regulated Members)Reissued  Oct 2015
Conflict of Interest (formerly Conflict of Interest Involving Financial or Personal Gain by PhysiciansReissued  Oct 2015
Human Health Research (formerly Health Human Research Ethics Review) Reissued Oct 2015
Consultation 007 Nov 25, 2014 – Jan 23, 2015Outcome
Continuity of Care (formerly After-Hours Access to Care and Preventing Follow-Up Care Failures Reissued June 11, 2015
Episodic Care Reissued June 11, 2015
Establishing the Physician-Patient Relationship (formerly Establishing… in Office-Based Settings) Reissued June 11, 2015
Consultation 0006 Nov 26, 2013 – Jan 24, 2014Outcome
Marihuana for Medical Purposes Issued April 3, 2014
Telemedicine Reissued June 5, 2014
CPSA Code of Conduct Reissued June 5, 2014
Consultation 0005 Sept 15, 2013 – Nov 15, 2013Outcome
Charging for Uninsured Professional Services Reissued Sept 9, 2014
Relocating a Medical Practice Issued Jan 9, 2014
Duty of Treating Physicians and Physicians Working in the Context of a Physician Health Program to Report a Physician to the College Issued Jan 9, 2014
Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship in Office-Settings Reissued Jan 9, 2014
Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice Reissued Jan 9, 2014
Alberta Methadone Maintenance Treatment Standards & Guidelines for Dependence Reissued Jan 3, 2014
Consultation 0004 Nov 15, 2012 – May 15, 2012Outcome
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Program Rules Issued Sept 1, 2012
Health Human Research Ethics ReviewIssued Sept 1, 2012
Consultation 0003 Sept 15, 2011 – Nov 15, 2011Outcome
Physician Health Monitoring Program RulesIssued December 2, 2011
Assessment and Competency Enhancement Program RulesIssued December 2, 2011
Consultation 0002 Mar 15 – May 15, 2011Outcome
Advertising by Regulated Members Reissued July 1, 2011
Patient Records Reissued July 1, 2011
Episodic Care Issued July 1, 2011
Physician Prescribing Practices Program Rules and Terms of Reference Issued Sept 9, 2011
Consultation 0001 Spring 2010Outcome
Self-Reporting to the College Reissued Sept 1, 2012
Duty to Report a Colleague Reissued Sept 1, 2012
Physician Achievement Review (PAR) Program Rules Reissued March 15, 2010

Your feedback is welcome at any time

Providing feedback about proposed revisions to the CPSA Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct and program rules helps College Council strike the appropriate balance between serving patient needs and setting reasonable expectations for physicians.

To provide feedback outside the formal consultation period, please contact Chantelle Dick as indicated below.


Chantelle Dick
780-969-4987 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4987 (in Canada)