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This standard applies to any regulated member who provides information to others through any medium about a product or service which a regulated member is associated with. It encompasses information about your practice, including scope of practice and services provided.

You can advertise a valid practice interest. You can tell others what your practice interests are. A practice interest must fit within the context of your practice discipline as recognized on your practice permit, be a significant focus of your practice and be supported by ongoing continuing medical education related to the area of interest. On the annual registration form with the College, you are expected to notify us of your practice interests. The College will track this information but no longer publish it as part of your member profile on the College website.

What must an advertisement include? Advertising must conform to the Code of Ethics, in that it must be compatible with the best interests of the public and uphold the reputation of the medical profession. It must include your practice discipline as recognized on your practice permit and provide accurate, clear and explicit messages which do not discredit, disparage or attack another product, service, facility, clinic, provider or group. Advertising should be informational, not confrontational.

Truthfulness counts. Advertising must not include false, incomplete, misleading or deceptive information that might create unreasonable expectations of beneficial treatment or perceived guarantees or warranties about results.

For further information, please review the recently updated Advertising Standard and the accompanying Advertising Advice to the Profession.

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Mike Raymond

I am looking for a comment made by Robert Ferrari SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 AT 11:28 AM on your messenger comment pages. I would like to find this article. Can you help me?

Collette D.

Hi Mike,

Is this the article you are looking for?

Please let me know!