X-Ray Equipment

As per the Radiation Protection Act, a registration certificate must be issued prior to using designated radiation equipment.

Register & Recertify Equipment

Notify of Change

X-Ray Equipment Fees

  • 2017 Registration Fee – $111.00 + GST
  • 2017 Annual Fee – $111.00 + GST

Requirement to Report Changes in CAR-MAP Status

To ensure patient safety and quality imaging, and to maintain CPSA accreditation, facilities offering mammography services must also have current accreditation and certification from the Canadian Association of Radiologists Mammography Accreditation Program (CAR-MAP).

Any changes in CAR-MAP accreditation equipment status (new, renewal, active, provisional, not accredited, or other) must be immediately shared with the CPSA in writing.


Lorie Matiowsky, Program Manager, Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Services
780-969-4997 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4997 (in Canada)

Leeanne Lawrence, Administrative Assistant, Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Equipment
780-969-4998 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4998 (in Canada)