Services Requiring Committee Approval

 Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing (in private facilities)
 Diagnostic Imaging (in private & public facilities)
 Neurodiagnostics  (in private & public facilities)
 Sleep Medicine (in private facilities)

 Vestibular Testing (in private facilities)
 Non-Hospital Surgical Procedures (in private facilities)
 Pulmonary Function Diagnostics (in private & public facilities)
 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (in private facilities)


Accreditation Assistant – Services Requiring Committee Approval

Services Not requiring approval

Procedures that include the use of lasers and Botox® are not restricted to CPSA accredited facilities and do not require specific physician approval from the CPSA. Physician owned Class 3B and 4 lasers must be registered with the College under Alberta’s Radiation Protection ActRegister a Laser.

Services Requiring Registrar Approval

 Performing Acupuncture
Performing Hair Transplantation
Performing Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Performing as an Injury Management Consultant or Certified Examiner under Alberta’s Minor Injury Regulations. For more information visit Insurance Act Regulations.


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