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Alberta laboratories (labs) that perform and report diagnostic testing for patient management must have CPSA accreditation. Under the Health Professions Act, the College is responsible for ensuring patient safety and quality care in Alberta’s diagnostic labs by setting standards for all aspects of lab quality and operations.

We conduct on-site assessments when facilities open and reassess on a four-year cycle. We also reassess if a facility adds a new service, renovates, moves or if a concern is brought forward.

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Accreditation program guide

All facilities performing diagnostic lab testing must be re-assessed every 4 years. To learn more about the 4-year re-accreditation cycle, download the Accreditation Program Guide.

New/relocating facilities program guide

If you’ve already applied to start the accreditation process, we recommend reviewing the program guide for new and relocating facilities.

Review the Accreditation Program Guide for New & Relocating Facilities

Review the CPSA Laboratory Facility Assessment Requirements – Relocations, Renovations & Amalgamations


If you would like to perform diagnostic laboratory testing, your facility must be accredited.

Download and fill out the application form to start the accreditation process.


Are you planning to…

  • move or change the name of your facility?
  • offer a new testing dicipline?
  • hire a new Medical Director?
  • change the contact information for your facility?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to notify us.

Update your facility information


The Standards are the basis for accreditation decisions and are compiled by CPSA and stakeholder experts and are reviewed and approved by the Advisory Committee on Laboratory Medicine.

The Standards are evidence based and reference accepted best practices, Provincial and Canadian legislation, relevant International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, and other recognized provincial, national and international standards .

The College’s Diagnostic Laboratory Standards are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA), recognizing our standards as among the highest in the world.

These standards ensure Alberta’s labs meet or exceed safety and quality standards for performance of lab services. Access the standards by registering your facility for assessment.

Submit a request to revise a standard

Do you have a suggestion to improve the standards for diagnostic labs? Complete and submit a Standards Revision Request Form.

Before submitting your revision:

  • identify the specific standards or section
  • attach or link to verifiable references
  • include your contact information so we can follow up with you

Become an Accreditation Assessor

We’re always looking for diagnostic lab experts as Accreditation Assessors. Use your knowledge and expertise to facilitate patient safety, [] professional development opportunities and compensation.

Help us accredit diagnostic labs. Download and save this form to your computer, then complete and return it to us.


As of April 1, 2019, the annual fee cycle for accredited facilities has changed to a fiscal billing cycle (April 1 – March 31).  Assessment fees will be invoiced in the same quarter your facility was assessed. Questions about your fees? Contact us at accreditation@cpsa.ab.ca

General Fees (for facilities registering for the first time)

Registration fee $300.00 +GST

Annual Fees

Facility annual fees for new or closed facilities are calculated based on the number of months the facility is or has been operational during our billing cycle.

Facility Type Fees
High Complexity $5420.00 +GST
Moderate Complexity $2844.00 +GST
Basic Complexity $1581.00 +GST
Specialized Complexity $2765.00 +GST

Assessment Fees (as required)

Facility Type Fees
High Complexity $6306.00 +GST
Moderate Complexity $3256.00 +GST
Basic Complexity $1829.00 +GST
Specialized Complexity $2926.00 +GST

Added Service Fees

• Fee for rescheduling an assessment is $500 +GST• Fee for post renovations/new facilities/facility moves is actuals + 6%• Late payment penalty is $250 +GST• Additional fees may apply if extra assessors are required due to the facility size or scope, or if out-of-province assessors are required.


Guidelines for Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in Unaccredited Settings

Healthcare professionals that use POCT in unaccredited settings should follow this guideline to perform safe POCT.

Download the POCT guideline

Western Canada Diagnostic Accreditation Alliance (WCDAA)

The WCDAA is a cross-provincial resource sharing initiative that standardizes accreditation across western provinces. The College’s Diagnostic accreditation program are committed to the WCDAA.

Learn more about the WCDAA

Professional Development & Events for Industry Professionals

If you’re a lab professional interested in growing your knowledge, there are a number of events and conferences you could consider. Here are a few reputable resources:


If your facility performs diagnostic medical lab services (i.e. producing and reporting a test result) for patient management, it needs to be assessed and accredited by the College.


Accreditation Administrator
780-969-5008 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 5008 (in Canada)