About our standards

Our standards are SECURE documents, shared ONLY with a facility’s Laboratory Director and approved designees. Laboratory Directors further disperse these documents within their organization and manage the security features.

In May 2014, the International Society for Quality in isquaHealthcare (ISQua) accredited the College’s Diagnostic Laboratory Standards, making them among the highest laboratory standards in the world. These standards ensure Alberta’s laboratories meet or exceed safety and quality standards for performance of laboratory services.

Our Standards Review Process

To submit a proposed standards revision, complete the Standards Revision Request Form ensuring that:

  • the specific standards or section (if it applies to multiple standards) are identified
  • verifiable references (including a link or attachment) are provided
  • the request applies to all diagnostic laboratory facilities across Alberta (not limited to organization specific practice)
  • contact information is included (in case further clarification is necessary)

Submit a Standards Revision Request

Western Canada Diagnostic Accreditation Alliance (WCDAA)

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Participate in laboratory accreditation

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Liz McBride, Program Manager, Laboratory Accreditation Services
780-969-5010 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 5010 (in Canada)

Bev Padget, Accreditation and Quality Systems Coordinator
780-969-5024 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 5024 (in Canada)

Laurel Wilson-Perry, Accreditation Administrator
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