The Alberta Laboratory Quality Enhancement Program (ALQEP)


Survey samples are sent to patient service laboratories for analysis. The results are then reported to the ALQEP on a predetermined schedule.

The ALQEP coordinator and the consultant specialist of each discipline tabulate and evaluate the results and the subsequent assessments are reported to all participants. When proficiency is found to be deficient, a letter requesting remedial action may be sent to the participant. The participant may then be required to reply to the ALQEP outlining corrective measures. Termination of services is undertaken only after reasonable attempts to resolve problems have failed.

It is imperative that the survey samples be handled in exactly the same manner as patient specimens. Repeat testing should be performed only in accordance with in-house criteria for patient results. Adherence to unspoken rules of honesty and integrity is of paramount importance to ensure the success of the program.

Our Mandate

  • We monitor individual laboratory performance to ensure the highest standard of laboratory service in the interest of patient care.
  • We provide educational resources and references for the promotion and facilitation of enhanced laboratory quality assurance activities.
  • We promote standardization of laboratory practice to facilitate optimal patient care.

ALQEP Committee

Committee Structure
 Dr. J.L. Hannon, Director
 Ms. S. Hanington, Director, Accreditation
 Ms. E. McBride, Program Manager
 Ms. B. Padget, Accreditation & Quality Systems Coordinator
 Ms. E. Behr, Accreditation Technical Analyst

Chemistry – Dr. F. Bamforth
Anatomic Pathology – Dr. G. Johnson
Hematology – Dr. G. Clarke
Microbiology – Dr. D. Church
Transfusion Medicine – Dr. J.L. Hannon

ALQEP Disciplines


Liz McBride, Program Manager, Laboratory Accreditation Services
780-969-5010 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 5010 (in Canada)

Eve Behr, Accreditation Technical Analyst
780-969-5011 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 5011 (in Canada)