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UCalgary and partners create new course for physicians to reduce opioid use

Dr. David Odugbemi appeals finding of unprofessional conduct

CPSA suspends practice permit of Dr. Ramneek Kumar

Dr. David Odugbemi found guilty of unprofessional conduct

CPSA Appeal Committee dismisses charges against Dr. Musbah Abouhamra

CPSA imposes practice condition for Dr. Yolanda Alcaraz-Limcangco

Dr. Ramneek Kumar chaperone condition

CPSA appeal of sanction decision for Dr. Johann Maritz unsuccessful

Dr. Habeeb Tunde Ali’s practice permit cancelled

Dr. Subrata Chakravarty guilty of unprofessional conduct

Dr. Vincenzo Visconti’s practice permit cancelled permanently

CPSA moves to suspend practice permit of Dr. Barry Wollach

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi guilty of disruptive conduct

Dr. Viliam Makis found guilty of unprofessional conduct

Dr. Susanne Mausolf guilty of unprofessional conduct

Dr. Habeeb Tunde Ali guilty of three counts of unprofessional conduct

Dr. Johann Maritz found guilty of unprofessional conduct 

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