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Public Inquiries: 1-800-561-3899 (in Canada)
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College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta
2700 – 10020 100 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0N3 Canada

Department Contacts

NamePhone Number
Sandra Hanington,
Laurel Wilson-Perry, Accreditation
Liz McBride, Program Manager
Laboratory Accreditation Services
Eve Behr, Accreditation Technical
Bev Padget, Accreditation &
Quality Systems Coordinator
Lorie Matiowsky, Program Manager
Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Services
Virginia Marshall, Accreditation Assistant
Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Services
Anna Zmurko, Administrative Assistant
Diagnostic Imaging
Arla Maier, Program Manager
Clinical Accreditation Services
Chelsey Lockrem, Accreditation Assistant
Clinical Accreditation Services
NamePhone Number
Barbara Krahn,
Communications Advisor
Lorie Moyles,
Communications Advisor
Dina Baras,
Communications Advisor
Morgan Hrynyk,
Online and Social Media Advisor
Melissa Campbell,
Communications Coordinator
Marian Stuffco,
Government Relations Advisor
Steve Buick,
Research and Public Policy Advisor
NamePhone Number
Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar,
Continuing Competence 
Kimberley Murphy, Executive 
Physician Practice
Erin Anderson, Director,
Physician Practice 
Christine Bullen, Project 
Tanya Northfield, Project 
Phong Van, Program Manager,
Group Practice Review & Multi-Source Feedback 
Jackie Dawson, Multi-Source Feedback 
Chantel Lavoie, Group Practice Review 
Leanne McKenzie, Program Manager,
Individual Practice Review 
Sharon Ladan, Program Manager,
Individual Practice Review 
Kim Horricks-Bender, Administrator,
Individual Practice Review
Natasha Bonnett, Administrator, Individual Practice 
Benjamin Kung, Program Manager,
Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)
Rachel Lizee, Administrator,
Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)
Prescribing & Analytics
Ed Jess, Director,
Prescribing & Analytics
Michelle Lennarson, Administrative Assistant,
Prescribing & Analytics
Kara Nordquist, Adminstrative Assistant,
Physician Prescribing Practices
Fizza Gilani, Pharmacist,
Prescribing & Analytics
Janet Wright, Administrator, Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP)
Tamara Dueck, Administrative Assistant,Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP)
Kari Tolton, Data Entry Clerk,Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP)
Ruby Prinsen, Data Entry Clerk,Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP)
Research & Evalution
Dr. Nigel Ashworth, Senior Medical Advisor, Research & Evaluation
Nicole Kain, Research Associate,
Research & Evaluation
To reach our Senior Medical Advisors, please contact
Dr. Nigel Flook, Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Mark Godel, Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Terri Staniland, Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Monica Wickland-Weller, Senior Medical Advisor
NamePhone Number
Janice Romanzin-Roy, Human Resource
Laura Anthony, Human Resource
Human Resource InquiriesN/
NamePhone Number
Jim Kiddoo,
Cindy Yaceyko,
Lead Business Analyst
Voytek Gryko,
Lead Programmer
NamePhone Number
Tracy Simons,
Gladys Smecko, Senior
Accounting Inquiries
NamePhone Number
Dr. Jeremy Beach, Assistant
Leanne Minckler,
Physician Health Advisor
Dr. Helen Cuddihy,
Senior Medical Advisor
NamePhone Number
Sharon Barron, Director,
Professional Conduct & Chief Privacy Officer
James West,
Associate Complaints Director
Dr. John Ritchie,
Senior Medical Advisor and Associate Complaints Director
Marilyn Brown,
Patient Advocate
Rebecca Gaetz,
Patient Advocate
NamePhone Number
Bruce Leisen,
Physician Applicants & Practice Permit
Registered Physicians
Certificates of Professional
Practice Readiness Assessments (PPAP, Change in Scope of Practice, Return to
NameTeam MembersPhone Number
Dr. Scott McLeod, Registrar, Communications, Government Relations and Public Policy Research, Standards of Practice
Gail Jones, Executive
Chantelle Dick, Standards of Practice
Dr. Karen Mazurek, Deputy Registrar
Continuing Competence
(includes: Physician Achievement Review, Physician Prescribing
Practices, and Infection Prevention and Control) | Triplicate Prescription Program)
Kimberley Murphy,
Executive Assistant
Dr. Michael Caffaro, Assistant Registrar
Professional Conduct, Complaints Director
Lea Lacroix,
Executive Assistant
Dr. Susan Ulan, Assistant Registrar
Registration/Practice Permits, Provincial Physician
Assessment program
Allison Porter,
Executive Assistant
Dr. Jeremy Beach, Assistant Registrar
Physician Health Monitoring Program, Practice Conditions Monitoring
Charlene Hiemstra,
Executive Assistant
Mr. David Kay, Chief Operating Officer and Assistant Registrar
Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources, eHealth and Accreditation |  Hearings Director,
Complaint Review Committee meetings and Hearings
Tina Giamberardino,
Executive Assistant
Adele Gendron,
Hearings Director Assistant