About the College

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) regulates the practice of medicine in Alberta. The privilege of self-regulation is granted through Alberta’s Health Professions Act (HPA).

Good medical practice – it’s what we’re all about

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What We Do

We review physician education, post-graduate training and, when necessary, arrange assessments to determine whether applicants are ready to practise. Physician qualifications and practice details are reviewed annually.
(e.g. diagnostic imaging, laboratories, non-hospital surgical services) We inspect facilities, using stringent clinical and safety standards, and approve the physicians who work in these facilities.
Operating outside the disciplinary process of the College, we regularly assess our members against expected competencies and standards, and educate and support them to implement any necessary practice improvements.
We favour an educational or training approach, but apply discipline if necessary.
The College welcomes the opportunity to share its views with government and other healthcare partners and participate in building a strong health care system for Albertans.
The Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct outline the College’s expectations of Alberta physicians.

Code of Ethics

The College has adopted the Canadian Medical Association’s Code of Ethics as the code of ethics required for Alberta physicians under the Health Professions Act.

Strategic Plan

In such a dynamic health care environment, it is essential to envision the best possible health system for Albertans, then put in place the goals and strategies that will get us there. The College’s Strategic Plan will ensure Albertans continue to benefit from good medical practice. Going forward, the College will be a more involved partner in the health system

  • The College will develop new ways to support physician competency, throughout their medical career.
  • The College will contribute to public policy and work with other health organizations to create a true patient-centred health system for Albertans.
  • The College will be a resource for the public, a place to turn with questions or concerns about medical practice.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Serving the public by guiding the medical profession.

Our Vision

Albertans are healthier because the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta:

  • ensures that physicians are competent throughout their careers;
  • supports physicians in providing compassionate, caring and ethical services to the people of Alberta;
  • fosters quality health care for all Albertans through innovation, collaboration and cooperation with other key stakeholders; and
  • advocates for public policy that contributes to the health of Albertans.

Our Values

We value the privilege of self-regulation granted to us by the people of Alberta and are committed to continually earning their trust. To that end, we commit to act according to the following set of values:

  1. When making decisions, we use available evidence and, when evidence is not available, we work to develop it to inform our work.
  2. We support our organization and each other – we care, we share, we listen, we respond.
  3. We are responsible – for giving our best effort, for asking tough questions, for achieving high standards, and always trying to improve.
  4. We treat people with fairness and respect.
  5. We value diversity in people and ideas.
  6. We practise open and honest communication – we engage in relevant, timely and meaningful discussion at all levels and with all partners.
  7. We seek and are open to new ideas; we are flexible in our thinking and our approaches to our work; we value innovation, enjoy our work and celebrate our achievements.
  8. We work in a collegial, proactive manner with all external stakeholders.

Privacy Matters

Your privacy is important to us! We will protect all the confidential information you share with us. For more information see our CPSA Privacy Statement and policy on Privacy & Confidential Information.

Community Relations

We support a variety of initiatives that correspond to the College’s mission, vision and values.

Sponsorship/Community Investment 
We invest in activities that help us achieve our strategic goals. Funding requests must meet specific criteria and provide appropriate recognition to the College. Community Relations Sponsorship Form

North/South Doctors’ Golf Tournament
This annual tournament brings together physicians and health care leaders from across the province to raise funds for medical student bursaries. It is co-hosted by the CPSA, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF).

See photos from the 2016 North/South Doctors’ Golf Tournament here. 

Regional Tour Program
This outreach program gives physicians, community leaders and the public the opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior College staff and Council members. Regional Tour also helps identify local issues and provide a unique opportunity for interactive discussion.

Speakers’ Bureau
College representatives are available to speak to various audiences. Speaker Request Form


Kelly Eby, Director, Communications & Government Relations
780-969-4973 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4973 (in Canada)

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Governance and Funding

We are governed by a Council that includes physicians, public members and representatives from Alberta’s medical schools. Funding is provided mainly through physician fees, although special projects may receive funding through various grant programs.


College Bylaws provide a framework for our day to day operations.

The College Bylaws are issued at the start of every calendar year. Subsequent amendments are not incorporated into the Bylaws document until the start of the following calendar year (e.g., January 1, 2012).

CPSA Bylaws

For Questions about the Bylaws:
Marian Albright
780-969-4970 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4970 (in Canada)